Pif Paf
Odourless Cockroach Killer

Pif Paf Odourless Cockroach Killer

Powerful in action, but not in scent, use this fragrance-free insecticide to kill crawling insects and provide indoor barrier protection.

Available in 300ml.
Pif Paf Odourless Cockroach Killer

What it does

Kills cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, moths and spiders upon direct spray and provides odourless long-term barrier protection against pests.


Provides the powerful benefits of Pif Paf's potent formula while being kind to sensitive noses.

Where to use

For indoor use only.

How to use

Shake well before using Keep can as upright as possible and hold at about 15-20cm from the surface and spray. Avoid use on plastic surfaces. Direct Kill spray: Spray towards insects. Barrier Protection: for protection against cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, clothesmoths, carpet beetles and bedbugs. Ensure all sources of ignition are extinguished – spray infested area or insect hiding places sich as skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, hot water pipes under sinks, hot water tanks and behind stovers. Spray these ares thoroughly from about 15-20cm. Surround inaccessible places with a barrier spray.
Against cockroaches: Spray skirting boards, under cupboards, in stoves and drawers.
Against spiders: Spray around eaves and wherever webs appear.
Against ants: Spray around and in garbage bins, food-disposal areas and entry points.
Against fleas: Infested rooms should be treated by thoroughly spraying the carpet. Ensure ventilation is adequate then close the room for four hours, before airing thoroughly.
Against clothes moths: Spray storage shelves, drawers, wardrobes and inside pianos. Cupboards and drawers should be emptied before spraying.
Against carpet beetles: Lightly spray carpets, particularly in areas of light traffic, under lounge chairs, along skirting boards, and inside chests and trunks.
Against bed bugs: Lightly spray bed frames and skirting boards.

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