It is a regular menace in our country – mosquitoes lurking in corners or under beds come out in full force once we fall asleep. They bite silently and leave behind inflamed, itchy skin. But not all mosquito bites are harmless. Some can cause such deadly diseases as malaria, dengue, Zika and chikungunya.

You are powerless to do anything about mosquitoes when you are asleep. But you can enlist the help of a handy little helper that watches over you and your loved ones – and zaps approaching mosquitoes in their path! This wonder helper is the electrical mosquito repellent. And the most excellent one comes your way in the form of the Pif Paf PowerGard Liquid Electrical Device or the LED Peaceful Nights electrical mosquito vaporizer.

How do electrical mosquito repellents work?

Electrical mosquito repellents work on the principle of electrically heating up mosquito repelling liquid to create vapors that are infused in the air. The Pif Paf electrical mosquito repellent emits vapors on being plugged into the electrical socket. It consists of two main parts: the bottle containing the mosquito repellent solution, and the heating assembly. When plugged in, the heating assembly warms up the bottle and the resultant vapor creates a barrier that makes mosquitoes powerless and kills them effectively.

Since the vapors travel to all corners of the room, hidden mosquitoes are also swiftly targeted and eliminated. You will find them dazed or dead the next morning. Thus, your nights are saved from the constant menace of mosquito bites, and of contracting a mosquito-related illness during the night. You can use the device even during the daytime if you want to be protected from Dengue and Zika virus carrying mosquitoes. It is best used indoors.

The biggest advantage is that the product is completely safe for use by humans. But if you want to be sure, you can get it cleared from your doctor if you are prone to respiratory problems.

Use your Pif Paf Powergard Liquid Electrical device

It is a simple electrical plug-in device that gets to work within minutes of operation.

  • Screw in the bottle containing the vaporizer in the heater device as directed.
  • Plug in the device. The indicator light switches on to show that the device is operational.
  • Choose your preferred setting/level of protection by moving the slider from left to right.
  • Replace the lid when the device is not in use.
  • Change the bottle only after it has cooled down. Switch off power when unplugging the device or removing the bottle.