Mosquito control


Mosquitoes strike fear into the hearts of many, especially those who suffer a bad reaction to their bites, so the best mosquito protection is all-round prevention.
Peak biting periods are dusk and dawn, but mosquitoes are active at all times of day, especially on those warm, humid days most suited to al fresco fun.
The best mosquito repellent to keep mozzies at bay is a little regular housekeeping. Mosquitoes breed in still or stagnant water, so check for water build-ups around your home. Empty out cans, clear blocked guttering and tip out water in empty plant pots and any containers that hold water.
Keep up the good work by placing tight covers over cisterns, cesspools, septic tanks, rain barrels and tubs where water is stored. Also, drain stagnant pools, puddles, ditches or swampy places around the home as much as possible.
Mosquito trap: If a mosquito lands on your arm, tighten your muscles; it will get stuck and you can splat it easily. Or, by clenching your muscles even more, it’s rumoured that the mosquito will become so full of blood it will explode. Not a tactic for the squeamish!