If only all spiders were as happy to live outside as Incy Wincy. Not the case, unfortunately, especially when it rains and, like us, they seek shelter. Make sure you set up as many protective measures as you can, or you may find you’re sharing your house with more than just your family members!
Regular cleaning is the most practical method of spider control, so brush off the long-handled duster and clear all existing webs and spiders from around the home to avoid them multiplying. Remember to shake out books, clothing, bedding and shoes — especially gumboots — before you put them on, or you may get more than you bargained for.
Well done on the spring cleaning. Now make sure doors and window screens are tight-fitting and seal — or at least spray — air vents, plumbing and other utilities that provide an entry to the building. When you’re working in the garden, it’s a good idea to teach children early on not to poke around rocks or under the house.
Outside areas that need special spider-proofing attention are porches, garages and storage shelves. Spiders are also common in crawl spaces, basements and unexcavated areas beneath the house, so set up spider bait regularly and check the underside of pool filter boxes frequently.