Our residential pest control expert, Dan Sheehy, answers.

The short answer is ‘yes’. You can use electrical plug-ins daily whenever mosquitoes are an issue. When you plug in the liquid electronic device, it heats up and releases a fine vapour. Although the actual amount of active ingredient is tiny, it’s just enough to knock down mosquitoes.

LEDs can be used around most pets with no problems — dogs, cats and birds included. The one exception is fish, which are especially sensitive to insecticides. It’s best not to keep a fish tank in the same room when you use n LED. 

As with all insecticides and insect repellents, it’s important to read the instructions included in the packaging and follow the recommendations. For example, only use one liquid electronic device in each room — they’ve been carefully formulated to release exactly the right amount of spray.

Because the devices have an internal heater that activates the vapour, they can get hot. That’s why it’s important to put them out of reach of kids and animals — and away from anything flammable, such as curtains or blankets.

Apart from that, just plug in for complete bug control.